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Regatta Checklist

If attending your first or twentieth regatta this list may be of interest providing some guidance on what to bring to a regatta. Most importantly, be prepared for unpredictable weather. Check your favorite weather resources before leaving home to make sure you are prepared and comfortable for any situation. Allow plenty of time to get to the venue and to park, especially if it is your first time to the venue. Parking is often off-site be prepared for a long walk. It’s either dusty or muddy so wear appropriate shoes.

Parent/guardian/helper · Dress for the weather this could mean a warm coat and boots‐don’t forget a hat and gloves.... think layers! · Umbrella and/or rain coat · Chair—the fold up kind work well · Sunscreen · Hat · Sunglasses · Water bottle · Camera · Blanket · Directions and satnav information to the regatta · Binoculars · Cash or credit card – At bigger events there is usually a t-shirt, hoodie and other items made especially for the event, who doesn't love a regatta t-shirt? Note to coxswain parents – Remind your athlete to charge coxbox night before race and ensure that s/he brings coxbox, bag with tools to the race.

Athlete Checklist: · Club/school/uni AIO race suit · Phone with music and headphones to pass the time · Layers for racing · Water bottle · Pre-Breakfast snack · Snacks/Sports Drinks · Hat/Sunglasses (if desired) · Socks, waterproof are ideal · Chapstick (if that's your thing) · Hand Sanitizer and loo roll (for typical regatta grim toilets) · Sunscreen ( · Plastic Bags for wet clothing · Extra set of cold weather gear in plastic bags (to keep them dry if the kit bag gets wet) · Set of comfortable/relaxation clothes to leave in the car to wear on ride back – will be dry and warm! · If coxswain, charged coxbox and tools, etc

Enjoy the racing season

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