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Rowers Rub Original - 60g

Rowers Rub Original - 60g


Test Developed by a rower for all water-based sports, Rowers Rub is formulated to be a natural barrier to help prevent chafing and rubbing when rowing, kayaking or canoeing. Leaping Fish products are made from premium natural ingredients that are organic, vegan and vegetarian where possible to minimise the impact on the environment. Clove oil is traditionally used as a natural anti-microbial and antiseptic and Cajeput oil is known to be anti-bacterial. Together in our balm they provide excellent protection against water-borne infection. The carefully chosen blend smells fantastic!

Friction caused by rubbing can get worse with changes in pressure, warmth and humidity, and the irritation can then develop to abraded skin suseptible to contracting infection from dirty water or the environment. Blisters can form from the shear effect when one layer of skin separates from another due to repeated movement caused by rubbing and pressure, leading to damage to the underlying layers containing nerves resulting in pain and discomfort and impairing your ability to perform at your best. Salts in sweat exacerbate sores. Apply Rowers Rub to your skin before exercise to pride a natural barrier to reduce friction.

Unlike many other products, Rowers Rub:

  • is made from natural ingredients including plant waxes and essential oils
  • is non-greasy, lying on the skin to create a protective surface whilst allowing the skin to breathe and prevent the by-products of sweat irritating the skin further.
  • includes essential oils of Clove and Cajaput to provide anti-bacterial properties for river and still-water based activities; helping reduce infection.
  • has a combination of specially chosen essential oils to help protect your skin.
  • is hypoallergenic – nothing but premium ingredients – no water, artificial ingredients, silicons or parabens.




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