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C-Breeze – become your own best fan

The C Breeze is what you need to stay cool while rowing an ergo. It’s a small nylon tube that is a very easily installed to the fan cage of any rowing erg that transports the airflow from your rowing machine and projects it back out like a fan onto you.

It only takes a few minutes to attach on to your Model B, C, D, E Concept 2 rowing machine or RP3.


Will it affect the drag factor? - Yes, the C-Breeze does affect the air flow from the machine. Make a note of the preferred drag factor before fitting the C-Breeze, once fitted check the new Drag Factor and adjust as required.

Can I leave it attached when stored upright? - Yes, the C-Breeze can stay in place. the tube collapses when the rower is stored upright and is easily reformed once readying the rower to used.

Users comments:

“It’s really amazing. Way better than I thought it would be” Don S, USA

“If you try it you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.” Sheila, USA

It Only Took Me 20 Sec. To Fit, And Works A Treat 🙂 Andy N, UK (WR Holder – CBreeze Installation).

Watch a video to see how easy it is to install C Breeze:

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