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Replacing sculling blade grips is actually very easy.

Worn and damaged grips are uncomfortable, cause blisters and can affect your performance. I doesn't have to be like this.

Sculling blade grips are cheap (£18 at this link: and is actually very easy to do.

Following these simple steps:

There are several choices but the easiest and most common is:

· Fill the grip with water with a finger over the hole in the end.

· Place the blade so the spoon end is jammed against a wall where it meets the ground.

· Place the grip (still full of water) over the end of the scull handle.

· Slide the grip quickly down the scull handle, it should slide very easily into place, as the water forms a cushion between grip and handle. Be prepared to get wet as the water will spray everywhere.

· If the grip doesn’t seat fully, use a hose over the small hole in the end to give enough water pressure to finish the job. The water will quickly dry out and the grip will stay in place when dry.

Other methods:

· I have never heard of this one… Spray some hair spray on to the dry scull handle and slide the grip quickly into place. The hair spray will act as a light glue when it dries.

· Smear washing up liquid on the first 25 mm of the grip and push them on.

· Soak the grips in hot water for 5 minutes and push them on.

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