The C Breeze is what you need to stay cool while rowing an ergo.  It’s a small nylon tube that is a very easily installed to the fan cage of any rowing erg that transports the airflow from your rowing machine and projects it back out like a fan onto your face.

It only takes a few minutes to attach on to your Model B,C,D,E Concept 2 rowing machine or Rowperfect or RP3.

“It’s really amazing. Way better than I thought it would be.”

Don S, USA (After receiving his CBreeze)


“If you try it you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.”

  • Sheila, USA
  • It Only Took Me 20 Sec. To Fit, And Works A Treat 🙂
  • Andy N, UK  (WR Holder – CBreeze Installation).