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EVUPRE Essentials T-Shirt - ladies

EVUPRE Essentials T-Shirt - ladies

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Staying warm during sessions in cold weather is all about effective layering. The sweat wicking technology of our SeamlessTechT fabric removes the sweat from your body allowing it to evaporate into the air keeping your skin dry and at the ideal temperature, making this the perfect base layer for any season. Our Skinfit style combines stretch and softness to give you that super comfortable feeling while you’re clocking kilometres. This short sleeve version is our most versatile piece making it a great addition to your summer and winter wardrobe.


  • Drys very fast
  • Highly breathable
  • Very lightweight
  • Feels very soft
  • Flexible but moves back to the initial shape
  • Very durable and strong
  • No wrinkles
  • Antimicrobial


Colour: Blue
  • Description

    This base layer uses innovative Seamless Technology to eliminate all irritating rubbing or chafing. Thinly woven polypropylene yarn provides moisture control, breathability and durability that you can count on. The sweat wicking properties of this lightweight material are designed to remove moisture from your skin keeping you dry and creating the perfect consistent microclimate between the garment and your body. 3% elastane gives this T the flexibility to mould to the shape of your body giving you a new standard of comfort stroke after stroke. We have materialised a distinct minimalistic yet athletic design with the use of the flat open collar, dynamic woven structure pattern and flat seams (where seams are necessary) to represent the EVUPRE style. The Seamless T-Shirt base layer brings high performance to every session with a fit and colour that is constructed to stay consistent as you train, wash, and repeat.

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