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Rowtex Dry Bag 25L  - carbon

Rowtex Dry Bag 25L - carbon

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As much as we aim to keep dry, rowing is after all a water sport. The 25L Protect Dry bag is the perfect sports bag for keeping the water out. It’s big enough to carry everything you need for practice from your water bottle to running shoes to change of clothes. The 25L bag also doubles as an in boat dry bag by folding it down to a more compact size to fit into bigger boats like a four, quad or eight.


  • 25l volume
  • Fully waterproof when properly closed
  • Highly durable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Clear strip to see into the bag
  • Reflecting logo print
  • Shoulder strap and carrying handle
  • Description

    The 25L dry bag is the optimum sports bag for athletes in a training environment that involves so much water. We used thin plastic to construct the bag, making it extremely lightweight and still 100% waterproof when closed correctly with the top buckle. The carrying strap allows the bag to function like a backpack so you can easily take it with you on a bike, and the clear strip on the side lets you easily see into the bag without having to open it up. When you’re not using this bag for to and from practice, you can bring it out on the water with you in the bigger boats by folding the top down to make it slightly smaller. On rainy days, sessions when you want to bring an extra layer on the water, or practices that require during workout nutrition, or if you’re a coxswain that seems to never have enough hands to carry everything or dry places to put all of your on water essentials, the 25L dry bag has you covered. The carrying strap can easily be attached to your rigger and in the worst-case scenario that you take a dip the dry bag is built to stay afloat.

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