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Eucatape for Rowin'

Eucatape for Rowin'


Rowing can wreak havoc on your hands due to the gripping and repetitive hand movements. Blisters and dry cracked skin are common in rowing, especially with novice rowers that are newer to the sport. While gloves may help guard your hands from blisters they can be bulky, easily slip when wet, and don’t work to strengthen your hands.

Eucatape is a eucalyptus-infused rowing tape that will positively change the way you approach rowing, featuring a cooling sensation that helps fight against fatigue, natural anti-inflammatory healing properties that rejuvenate your hands, and tough fabric tape that protects your hands from blisters, bruises, cracks, cuts, and irritation. Eucatape provides a great smelling aromatic fragrance to enhance your rowing experience, and when finished rowing comes off easily without any sticky residue, leaving your hands feeling soft and refreshed.


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**ALLERGY NOTE: if you are allergic to eucalyptus oil, DO NOT USE**


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