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Rowing Tales 2018 By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing Tales 2018 By Rebecca Caroe


Every rower in the world, every coach and every coxswain has told a story to someone about their experience of rowing.

This book curates tales from around the world – some are the highest Olympic representatives; others enthusiastic club members.The opening tale is about the Oxford Cambridge Boat Race and another relates to old Blues racing again in Manhattan as part of the Britain Salutes New York Pageant.

Hong Kong’s famous chair race pits rowers against Gurkhas around the Peak while Eric Murray describes his race home for the birth of his son. Each tale is re-told with wry smiles and the gleam of remembrance of past regattas.

We have tales from athletes in opposing crews describing the same race – in Munich for the 1972 Olympic Regatta. And another Father and Son Tale told by both participants. Some of the tales start their telling through the podcast, hosted by Rebecca Caroe who has compiled this anthology aided by Editor, Peter Mallory.  This is the second volume of Rowing Tales – 2017 is available separately.

Full list of authors is in the pictures.

  • Mike Sweeney
  • Mike Spracklen
  • Ross Collinge
  • Eric Murray
  • Matt McQuillan
  • Agostino Abbagnale
  • Hamish Roots
  • Roberta Arnold
  • Dan Boyne
  • Henry Trotter
  • Sigrid Hudson
  • Peter Bos

Rowing Tales 2018 by Rebecca Caroe


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