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Rowing Tales 2017 By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing Tales 2017 By Rebecca Caroe


Everybody has a rowing story to tell.  And Rowperfect is uniquely placed to collect these stories of triumph and disaster, of friendship and adversity.

Rowing has its own collection of anecdotes, and this is Rowperfect’s newest project, an anthology about rowing.

This book is a collection built on contributors from around the globe – old, young and from many countries.  42 people have contributed chapters for the book including:

  • Andrew Triggs-Hodge
  • George Pocock
  • Duncan Holland
  • Alistair Potts
  • Tom Weil
  • Drew Ginn
  • Goran Buckhorn
  • Volker Nolte
  • Xeno Muller

Expertly edited by Peter Mallory this collection is a bedside book you will love to dip into.  From the story about wearing the wrong clothes to Henley; Drew Ginn’s first Olympic final; the perfect rowing sunrise by Andy Triggs-Hodge to Anzac Day memorialised on the river in Australia.  Volker Nolte shares the story of his part in the development of the sliding rigger single and Christopher Dodd dissects the Swiss sense of humour at FISA.

Perfect for gifts for coaches

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